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Sham oj Justice!

Submitted by Saj Davis, Feb 7, 2014 23:52

I have read the court transcripts three times! I even interviewed the bride of Ziyad Yaghi and visited the 'supposed' mosque where Yaghi was supposed to meet terrorists. I have done extensive research on this case. The inherent and glaring, also terrifying, precedents of this case - thoughts and associations are now enough for the US government to condemn an innocent citizen for 'terrorism'. That's unconstitutional and against international human rights!! This decorum is expected in a country with an Alien and Sedition Acts, 'under a declaration of war', but neither is admitted by our government. The fog over the case entails applying evidence on one person (most of it against Daniel Boyd), against all defendants when in fact the prosecution can not substantially prove the relationship between all exited persistently up until the time of the arrest. On the contrary, the prosecution even admits Yaghi and Hasan had no communication with the other defendants, and Anes Subaisac admitted never meeting Yaghi in his life! This case is a disgusting sham, and it is heralded around by enemies of our foreign policy who rightfully criticize our country and government as insincerely desiring peace, domestically and abroad in regards to Muslims. The WOT has implanted a seed within Western minds, a psychosomatic plague, and it is eating at the very foundations of our principles. Indeed, every Muslim American should be terrified of America, we are tip toeing on crackers while the bigots in our government are listening with a stethoscope! I advise every Muslim to stay at home and don't move at all! Injustice lurks around the corner. We'll see you all in the supreme court! Have a good day :)


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