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Not convincing

Submitted by carla, Mar 8, 2014 18:40

awful article full of propaganda and new composed words to create new superficial illogical frames, from an Italian Christian girl


shahadamania or shaheedamania. ee not a

Oct 13, 2013 19:24

shahadamania or shaheedamania. ee not a

Wouldin't shahadamania just mean a mania for repeating the shahada, rather than for becoming a shaheed?


Re: ". . .and their eyes shall be upon him (the shaheed)"

Submitted by Ahmed, Oct 13, 2013 15:39



". . .and their eyes shall be upon him (the shaheed)"

Submitted by E benAbuya, Oct 11, 2013 12:40

Somewhere there is a hidden hadith which describes the rewards of the shaheed in paradise. One of which is, doubtless, that those who persecuted the Muslim for his beliefs, the one's he killed during his martyrdom; will spend eternity watching him enjoy his reward for faithfulness.

If the Muslim is a true martyr - one killed for his beliefs, then this is just. If, however he has violated the holy Qu'ran by killing innocents or other Muslims; then it is those innocents who constantly watch over him. Each time he attempts to find pleasure with one of the virgins, it is their reproachful gaze that causes his member to fall flat. Every time he tries to eat of the unlimited banquet or drink from the flowing streams of sweet intoxicating beverage; it is those same innocent eyes that cause the food to taste like animal excrement and the wine to only whet further his thirst.

One may fool oneself about the real motivations for and consequences of one's choices; but Allah is not deceived.

If only those seeking that false path to paradise understood what sort of Hell awaited them; they would flee, the way one does from Shaitan, from the drug pushers who sell "The Infidels ate your homework." to ensnare them to their destruction and the destruction of Islam.


What Research?

Submitted by Ahmed, Oct 10, 2013 15:01

This is no 'Research' its nothing but 'Pure Propaganda', but then what can one expect; truth?


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Not convincing [20 words]


Mar 8, 2014 18:40

shahadamania or shaheedamania. ee not a [22 words]


Oct 13, 2013 19:24

Re: ". . .and their eyes shall be upon him (the shaheed)" [3 words]


Oct 13, 2013 15:39

". . .and their eyes shall be upon him (the shaheed)" [221 words]

E benAbuya 

Oct 11, 2013 12:40

What Research? [16 words]


Oct 10, 2013 15:01

Computer Virus [36 words]


Oct 6, 2013 12:02

Truth-in-labeling ... so as to thwart ticket-to-Paradise self-labeling [74 words]


Oct 3, 2013 09:04

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