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A simlpe twist on an excrutiatingly complex problem !

Submitted by Fairman, Sep 28, 2013 17:22

How, how, how?? in the 21st Century can the human race [.that should cover everyone..I think! ] continue to slaughter one another with the false claim of ' religious decree' ..millions of unique humans have been exterminated by evil people, {So many of whom have been brain washed } in the name of this 'this God' or 'that God' ..or 'this prophet' or that 'prophet' .. All religions claim to be peaceful but seem to abhor other religions and their followers, some religion's followers even kill people of another section of their own faith. [For the greater 'good', just demonstating to the rest of humanity " A Greater Evil "] highlighted by the numerous genecides, 'Hitler's 8 -10 million Massacre' of jews, mentally disabled & , homosexuals. and then of course 3 thousand + souls in 9/11.' ad infinitum. ' ... What a nauseous, load of clap-trap this religious nonesense really is ! It's just a good reason to Kill or maime others who, with the intelligence (God gave them!) sorry.. "they were born with", have a different view of life...and their purpose in life.

Without religion and its evils we could have been hundreds of years more advanced, or even found other planets to habitate peacefully, Mind you we would probably go back to squabling and killing over a few square metres of 'land' or who pulled a nasty face at us!!


Solve the mystery

Submitted by Nasser W Ghattas, Sep 28, 2013 17:14

Whichever is more sad;
America losing its respect for its Constitution
Or losing its role in spreading freedom

Solve the mystery .... preserve the constitution .... spreadingfreedom
Prevent a new Holocaust in Egypt (by Egyptians to Egyptians)
I need to certify what I am about to write

There is a report by the Institute, "Gallup" ............... (second half of 2010 - under the name of Egypt: The Arithmetic of Revolution )
Under the supervision of "Dalia Mogahed - an American of Egyptian origin

This report is the key to the mystery

So that the "Obama" to deceive America and the American people

And even wraps around the great American Constitution

Reviewed by people who have used in the extraction of the report's findings ((supposed to be neutral and random))

If those people or most of the group are from the "Muslim Brotherhood"

This is a sure evidence that the regime is trying to trick (American public)
This report is the justification for many policies Tournament America deadly Boom Bnibr 25 2011
Date of report (the second half of 2010)

President Clinton or President Reagan or President Nixon
The biggest mistakes were not mistakes, but trying to lie about their mistakes

America for this great nation
I think you understand what I want you to say

Only reviewed the report .. Maintained only to the Constitution .. just stopped the biggest "Holocaust" was located in the "Egypt" .


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