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Submitted by Bill, Aug 27, 2013 07:42

Anat Berko's assessment of the situation in the Middle East and the Obama Administration's reaction is the best I have yet had the pleasure to read. Too bad Obama and his minions do not have the knowledge, experience, and political will to address the situation with Anat's clear reality.


It's already too late for Europe.

Aug 24, 2013 07:29

There are over 53, 000,000 Muslims living in Europe at the present time. These are descendents of the laborers invited by the Europeans after WWII to help repair the damages resulting from that war. The birthrate of those Muslims has been and is now about 5 children per couple compared to an average 1.6 children per European couple. This invasion has occurred without a shot being fired.

Already, the suburbs of Paris and the Swedish ciity of Malmo are examples of what has occurred in European cities. By mid-century, the continent will be known as Europestan. Only recently have the Europeans awakened to this problem. Unfortunately, it's too late.


Cauldron of hell

Submitted by Ron, Aug 22, 2013 16:01

The Arab world is following after the dark, evil powers of this world. They have no desire for peace only hellish destruction. I feel for the innocent people that are trapped in this Satanic world.


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