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Muslim schools

Submitted by Bonnie Loranger, Jul 19, 2013 15:49

Get rid of the Muslim schools. They are just nest of indoctrination and they should not receive a penny from the state. They are just Muslims theives and people without ethics that runs these school. Has Holland gone mad?


Muslim Schools inherently a bad idea

Submitted by Edward Cline, Jul 19, 2013 14:22

"This is not to argue against the existence of Muslim schools in principle, any more than against the presence of, say, Yeshivas," writes Esman. But everything she reveals in her column does indeed argue, and strongly, against the existence of Muslim schools, in principle or otherwise. And especially when they are supported by the state, as apparently the Ibn Ghaldoun is. A "Muslim" school by definition is automatically anti-Western and a venue for supremacist indoctrination. That is the nature of Islam. Otherwise, why call it "Muslim"? Furthermore, comparing a "Muslim" school with a Yeshiva is an invalid and somewhat gratuitous comparison. How many Yeshivas argue for the violent or "democratic" overthrow of its host secular society and its wholesale conversion to Judaism? I'm not aware of any.


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