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workplace violence, sure it is

May 18, 2013 15:15

this is workplace violence, but the army is still doing Level 1 Antiterrorism training stating that the hood shooting is an attack.



Submitted by Scott, Apr 3, 2013 03:21

Executive Order 12464, dated February 23, 1984, authorized award of the Purple Heart as a result of terrorist attacks or while serving as part of a peacekeeping force subsequent to March 28, 1973. (overseas)

Public Law 99-145 authorized the award for wounds received as a result of friendly fire. (in battle)

Individuals injured as a result of their own negligence, such as by driving or walking through an unauthorized area known to have been mined or placed off limits or searching for or picking up unexploded munitions as war souvenirs, will not be awarded the Purple Heart as they clearly were not injured as a result of enemy action, but rather by their own negligence.

This was not negligence, I would argue it was friendly fire as per Public Law 99-145 in battle against american soldiers, primarily because...

Nidal Hasan motivated by terror rhetoric set out to kill americans in a pervieved state of war with islam...for me I think its a No Brainer really. The medal and related military compensation and treatment cover for injuries should be covered.

For me the ideology of the offender does it..he shot people because in his mind he was at war, its not that he just had a bad day or had a psychotic break or the voices in his head told him to do it or the dog told him....whatever...

Hasan with clear intent was motivated through a perception of war with islam killed american soldiers

come on PENTAGON stand up for what is right !


Purple Heart recipients

Submitted by Andrea, Apr 2, 2013 17:45

First of all, there were dozens of witnesses, so what exactly will the defense use to excuse this traitor? As far as a fair trial is concerned, they would have to try this guy on the moon to get an impartial jury.

Secondly, since the assault took place on a U.S. base, by a member of the military, to members of the military, how can it be anything besides a terrorist act? The government is clearly giving this terrorist more respect than our own troops. This is a national disgrace.


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