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The banks know!

Mar 14, 2013 09:26

First of all the banks know darn well who the money is going to. It is not an inadvertant situation. It is pure and simple greed. My question then is: what about banks knowingly handeling drug cartel monies? Our government knows what banks are doing this and fail to act. They should go after this money also. The cartels are terrorists in no uncertain terms.


US Banks and Irish Republican Army (IRA)

Submitted by Andy H, Mar 12, 2013 11:54


How will this potential lawsuit victory impact on US Banks that handled the accounts of NORAID in the mid-80's onwards, when its monies were being used by the IRA?


Andy H


Whats there to get?

Submitted by Fingrinn, Mar 10, 2013 21:15

Just another money grabbing exercise, that ignore the "democratic" USAs terrorist activities. By this logic can the Palestinians now sure the Irgun for their terrorist attacks in the 1930s?


I don't get it?

Submitted by John, Mar 9, 2013 22:24

Ok, if a bank that has clients who are connected to a terrorist organization is found liable for he organizations behavior then shouldn't a country/organization that funds the bulk of United States debt that conducts terrorist acts conveniently labeled as human rights violations also be liable for funding what amounts to terrorism? When the lawyers open up this pandoras box what will happen to the US and its relationship to their current loan sharks, China? What a mess this will become if the New York courts find the banks guilty of inadvertently supporting terrorism!


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