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Thanks for into on well-balanced report

Submitted by Jim Ashby, Oct 4, 2014 02:01

It's good to have unbiased information about terrorist activity to help assess what various countries regard as most strategic to their national security interests.

It would appear that the free flow of Mid East oil is of primary concern where terrorism is concerned. This is a legitimate national security concern because of the potential for catastrophic effects if regional oil exports are disrupted. Of course, most folk would prefer that humanitarian concerns were of primary importance but that has never seemed to be the case. I suppose that playing the world's policeman isn't a role that any country is prepared to assume . . . and for some pretty good reasons.

But when it comes to terrorism, the entire free world should mobilize to enforce policies that minimize safe haven for terrorist groups and maximize efficient elimination of violent and cowardly terrorists.


Are you sure?

Aug 20, 2013 17:41

I find it astounding that your report omits, the most prolific terrorist organization in the history of mankind, by far....... That being the U.S. regime (military and C.I.A.) and its many client states and organizations. It would appear that your perspective is that of extreme bias, bordering on complete ignorance....A wise man once suggested that; The solution to ending terrorism. Is to stop doing it.


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