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Courage needs a companion

Submitted by Raphael, Jul 13, 2012 01:01

Dr Ahmed is to be commended for her very brave stance, on countering a threat that many of us don't even fully appreciate, namely the failure of our own judicial systems to fully back our own law enforcement officials over some of their "controversial" programs e.g NYPD's much publicized Surveillance and spying programs.

I'm not a Muslim, but I can't imagine its much fun have your every move, even religious practices scrutinized by outsiders who are bound to miscalculate and perhaps even make mistakes, but with the goal of helping the US protect is citizens from exposure to Islamic Extremism and possible terror attacks.

One can only imagine that Dr Ahmed has been called a traitor, and accused of "selling out" by some of her own faithful, perhaps even by the liberal "Do Gooders" our naive liberal society has spewn, who have chosen the outrageously noble path of defending these radicals, as victims of our own constitutions oppression, playing rather dangerously into the hands of future jihadists.

Rather, Dr Ahmed has chosen a self-directed but increasingly popular path of devout or Moderate Islam, and thus becoming part of a mosaic of wonderful people, slowly coming forth, crawling out from beneath the shrouds that Radical Islam has buried itself in, and proclaiming "This is not what our faith asks of us."
These are everyday people, just like you, just like me, who acknowledge openly that the current radical and popular genre of their faith, is very much on trial in the US right now, and besides for being active, as she is in her own professional life, helping 9/11 first responders deal with their everyday scars from that day, is also extremely involved in giving us as much (and more) transparency into their religious lives and beliefs, to allow us all to appreciate once and for all the great contribution these people make in all our lives, allowing us to reassure ourselves of a future as a great but diverse society.

It is incumbent on us to take notice. It may not be easy for us to turn our cheeks, but their bravery is no small matter on their part either.


Interpretation of Islam: Tanwir al Miqbas Tafsir min Brett Gasper.

Submitted by Brett Gasper, Jul 11, 2012 23:46

I have spent about a decade studying Islam and the exegesis or tafsir.

I read the Qur'an and it was full of snippets and contradictions and not given to any real context - making it a very hard read.

I started reading Bukhari and read a passage attributed to Aisha, the wife of Muhammad. In book one, Aisha describes Muhammad's first visits to Mount Hira, outside Mecca - when the, angel, Gibreel, bade Muhammad, in the name of his lord "Recite" (Qur).

I remembered reading that passage in Chapter 96 and it suddenly dawned on me that the Recital (Qur'an) was not in chronological order.

Also, the original Qur'an has no tashkeel. Qur'anic Arabic (al fashah) and Arabic word etymology was necessary too.

Once arranging the Qur'an chronologically, I was able to construct a time frame and history in both Mecca and Medina.

The conflicting verses were then easy to sort out in their chronological appearance in a doctrine called "NSKh" or al nasikh w'al mansukh or the abrogated and the abrogator - which gets it's authority from verses like Qur'an 2:106.

I have long had the Qur'an memorized. The Taliban have mostly interpreted the Qur'an correctly. The history of the "salah fee al madhab" or "salafi" confirms their interpretation...

Islam was certainly spread by the sword and humiliation - refer to the Pact of Umar.


Speaking the Truth In Love!

Submitted by David, Jul 11, 2012 13:23

Tremendous! Your courageous testimony will win the respect of many Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Muslims like you who are genuinely interested in building lasting bridges of peace and mutual respect across cultural and religious divides do exist! I hope and pray that your testimony will be taken to heart by all who are willing to listen to you. What you have said is one important key to creating dialogue with people of goodwill! May all of us who share your passion for truth bear much fruit in developing truly civilized societies throughout the world! "Blessed are the peacemakers." God bless you!



Submitted by ALI MOOSAVI, Jul 11, 2012 12:42



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