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Morsi's dream

Submitted by Andrew, Aug 5, 2013 15:33

To "Egyptian Man" : You had better get on with your caliphate plans then, 'cos the way I see it, the Iranian-Syrian-Hizbollah Shiite crescent will soon steal your thunder. It is far more likely that given the present circumstances (August 2013) and the proven combat ability of the Iran and Hizbollah, that they would conquer Jerusalem soon - as is their expressed goal, and hence claim the legitimacy of the leadership of the entire Muslim world - and who would argue - they would have solved a more than half century old festering wound in the body of the Ummah while the Arabs sleep and kill each other.


Restoration of the Caliphate TWO THUMBS UP!!

Submitted by Anglo Egyptian, Jul 5, 2012 12:32

Can't wait, been waiting for it all my life... Why should Christians who have a Pope deny us a Caliph? Bit selfish isn't it. Just like the role of Pope has evolved so can the role of a Caliph, being more symbolic in this day and age. Nevertheless a Capliphate is a must for all Muslims.



Submitted by An Egyptian man, Jun 29, 2012 16:45

We will reestablish our state whether you like it or not. Look at Egypts borders, they are straight lines at a right angle. Our khilafah was sliced up into arbitrary states which have no real historic or cultural significance. We have every right to undo the harm that was done to our regions through colonialism. Before we were the most advanced, in terms of science, technology, justice, society, culture, you name it. Now we are plagued by dictators and corruption. We choose the former, you want to force the latter on us. It is even in your interests as individuals, you aren't the ones who benefit from our stolen resources, but you are the ones who suffer because of political instability in our regions. Remove the instability, you don't have to worry about so called "Islamic" terrorist groups any more.


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