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Obama Administration Betrays America Again

Submitted by ONA, Feb 2, 2012 22:55

2-2-12 Hillary Clinton is out of touch with what is best for America if she thinks this will ever be considered "good for people of all religions." It would take away our freedom of speech which is a critical part of our Constitution and Bill of Rights. This Resolution 16/18 MUST be stopped. Ona


There is no equality or tolerance

Submitted by D Fraser, Jan 28, 2012 15:43

From my own travels and from friends who are Christians in predominately Islamic nations there is no equality or tolerance. Iran says it will destroy Israel and all Jews. Where is the equality and tolerance? The leaders of the Palestinians in Gaza basically say the same thing and they want to have their own state and destroy the state of Israel. If the OIC or anyone else wants an equal and free level of tolerance and speech; then let them mirror that of the US; not the other way around. I am to the point of declaring if you (Islamic nations) don't treat your people of different faith with respect for their life and freedom of religion and freedom from harm by Sharia laws; then we (the United States) will not support you. We have no obligation to let these nations dictate to us how we should treat others in this nation which is founded upon Judeo-Christian values; which are the basis for more freedom and tolerance than any other in the history of the world.


Protecting "Honor," Not Tolerance

Submitted by Liz Wagner, Jan 27, 2012 09:16

I think the critical difference between Islam and the West is in the concept of tolerance and the mindset attaced to it. Islamists, obviously, think tolerance has something to do with non-Muslims not saying or doing things about Islam that Muslims don't like. This goes as far as non-Muslims not defiling Muslim lands by setting foot in them. They see the onus to exercise tolerance as being on the Other, and the Other only. The supremacist mindset of Islamist prevents them from understanding that tolerance, to Westerners, requires reciprocity. It means that, sometimes, you have to put up with hearing others say things you don't like. This is something that Secretary Clinton and other Westerners involved in these discussions should recognize and understand. That they don't seem to recognize or understand this critical difference is criminal.


Brilliant article on our succuming to Islamic propoganda

Submitted by tomas alla, Jan 21, 2012 20:40

Your article is truly a classic because it focuses on the problem we have with the Obama administration's succuming to Islamic propoganda.


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