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No Surprise

Submitted by Chylene Ramsey, Sep 20, 2013 22:19

The MB have had operatives in the WH since Clinton's administration. In fact, they have been the attack dogs of the CIA for years, going their dirty work for them. There are even pictures of MB members in the office of Dwight D. Eisenhower, as he was thinking about recruiting them. They were the original "Arab Nazis", and their motto was, "First Allah, then Hitler". They were recruited after WWII by the CIA, is how I understand it. The Holy Land Foundation Trial exposed their exsistance in this country, but Holder dropped the entire trial as attorney general. there 300 indicted co-conspirators, and CAIR was one of them. Al-Qaeda was also invented by the CIA. It is not at all unusual for the CIA to start something it can't handle. Anyone who thinks they can "handle" psychotic fanatics like the MB are plain stupid. Every one of them should be run out of their country. They have one objective: "To bring our miserable house down around us." and to inflict Sharia over all the world under a Caliphate. They are nutcases.


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