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Not buying it!

Sep 10, 2011 08:43

Keep the boogyman alive! Has anyone else considered that because of Bloomberg's desicion to keep everybody that matters (like the public) out of this "dog and pony" show, the intel that they have had since the aledged "we got binLaden" special feature is now coming to a head? I would think "some Americans might consider protesting by showing up with t-shirts and posters stating their sentiments...that would taint the overall impact of the show. Just maybe this is all to silence those that have an opposite opinion on the matter? This is New World Order "lite"...the birth pangs of a "nationalist-socialist" democracy, emerging and transforming into a full blown facist dictatorship at the end of day...research Nazi Germany. Don't be paranoid, be vigilant, think outside the box, and prepare...know there is a God and He is not silent!



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