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This is a jike, of course.

Submitted by The Phoebe, Aug 30, 2011 22:50

Look Jihad Jimmy et al. The word terrorist does not translate as comic, or Mr. Nince Guy, or I was just trying to help my poor cousins in difiicult circumstances. The mark of a terrorist is someone who refuses to take responsibility for being what he/she is; a terrorist is someone who knowingly plans and spreads terror which included all manner of murder, torture, and the like. I am an American and you are in my face, so to speak. Believe me, your hopes of world domination are the fundamentals of a doctrine gone to seed. You will bring destruction upon yourselves. Somewhere in the mix, you will have to come up against millions of Veterans who know what it means never give an inch. May you reap what you sew.


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