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Silence is more terrifying

Submitted by Jack Bechtold, Sep 8, 2014 14:58

Dear Dr. Ahmed, as we grow into our 70s we find our world in its' most sever turmoil much of which connects to religion. For reasons we continue to struggle with Islam has shown a different face to the rest of the world. ISIS has tried to hold the US hostage by bombing ISIS enclaves in Iraq to the point of brutally murdering innocent reporters. They follow those beheadings with reference to their God by shouting Allah aq bah or God is great. Not sure of the spelling. We are Catholics who remain ashamed of their murderous rampage in the crusades and the Spanish Inquisition. That Inquisition involved Christopher Columbus and his murderous efforts to proselytize the Taino Indians of Hispaniola. Columbus is revered by the church today and the church remains curiously silent on his history. The "new evangelism" offered by Pope Francis contains no order to convert at any cost (murder). To confuse matters even more, Pope John II used ecumenism as a tool to convert while Francis ordered evangelism. The terms are diametrically opposed. Silence is really bad in both cases. The Catholic male hierarchy sweeping the monstrous priest pedophilia issue under the rug. For whatever the reason we cannot find a Catholic terrorist. Nor do I see Catholics fighting to take land. The patrons of Allah remaining silent in the face of the outright murder of many thousands of innocent Americans and Arabs. We recall 911 and the hijacking of commercial jets by Islamic terrorists. The many bombings of American property in Saudi-Arabia and middle east nations. The sneak attack on the USS Cole that killed numbers of sailors. Saddam Hussein's brutality of gassing his Kurdish countryman. Then, just recently, Bashar El Assad admitted to using chemical weapons on his own people. We would like to hear from silent US Islamics... Louis Ferracane, Mohammed Ali, the Imams and citizens. We further would ask that the moderate Islamic states, like Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Jordan, Turkey, etc. let their voices be heard by joining the US led coalition to eradicate ISIS. We say "speak up"


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