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We Too Had A Conference

Submitted by Domenick, Mar 26, 2011 19:53

O dreamers of western conquest, you are fools to those who exploit and use you as they wish. Like your political and religious leaders, the time will come when you will cower before them and they before us.

You will soon learn that the ways which you have been accustomed to, will soon be a thing of the past.

We too have a plan, and it doesn' t include the lie you are hopelessly clinging to, as a means to destroy western society. You will remain as you are, exploited fools.


spineless men spew venom behind the safety of their homes via the internet

Submitted by Keith, Mar 25, 2011 19:53

I'm not a Christian, Hindu, Bhuddist, Jew, Muslim, Atheist...

I am human that believes in Human Rights... to protect and support one another as we traverse this planetary divide. There's a whole lot of work yet to be done... I'm not looking for Utopia but not looking for Dystopia either. I know there are a whack of greedy SOB's running the world and a bunch of angry SOB's who want to show them the dark of night. Unfortunately - there are more folks caught in the crossfire: folks losing their jobs and homes while top management increase their bonuses in the process; men, women and children of every culture and faith descimated because others are hell bent on their ideology no matter how much blood runs in the street. Tens of thousands of men, women and children raped and pillaged of their intrinsic birthright and chained into slavery around the world including western civilization.

Only Muslims of the world can bring their religion into the 21st C. I know many of them are adamantly opposed to this group of jihadist terrorists who have hijacked the so-called religion of peace. I know many of them feel oppressed by the infrastructure of a faith that lacks dialogue yet they are true followers of their prophet. They need to rise up and throw out the dirty water that regurgitates filth and spreads disease.

I have no doubt Islamic extremism will get worse before it gets thrown into the abyss forever.

The definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. (Einstein)

Radical Islam will demand Radical methods to irradicate it. The world needs to change what it is doing or the insanity will spin out of control.


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