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Zaid is U.S.A. military veteran

Submitted by Sean "The fighting Irishman", Aug 11, 2012 00:16

Whatever you think, this man is an Air Force veteran who was highly patriotic and willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for his country. This means something to me as I'm having family who are not coming home.

Yet A R Thomson above sez "go back to your Arab Country". What arrogance! He is an American for Christ sake. I just wonder if A R Thomson is a veteran.

Muslims are facing the worlds worst genocide since the Jews faced during Hitler's BBQ. I'm speaking up now as I don't want to feel what Germans felt after WW2.


Just Another Lib-Tard In A Halloween Costume

Submitted by G.F.A., Feb 3, 2011 09:53

I knew Ricky when he was in the Air Force. He was one of those guys that just didn't fit in but behaved in such a way that he demanded your attention and acknowledgement in a manner he could deny later. It was all about being obtuse.

In his new life as a Muslim, he hooked up with other dysfunctionals who, for the first times in their pathetic existences, were able to create their own social group for self-validation. It had little to do with any real devotion to Islam but, like so many other "American Muslims" provided the means for the acknowledgement and gratification they all sought, but failed to muster in the real world.

So when you listen to him today (if you have any such inclination), keep in mind that his "devotion" is based soley on his attempt to strike back at a society that rejected him because he simply didn't fit in.

That bolsters my gut feeing that these people who claim to be devout muslims simply have a bad case of penis envy when it comes to anyone in any country that enjoys the fruits of their labor. And their philosophy is basically, "If you've got something I don't have, It's easier for me to destroy what you have rather than to buckle down and work hard so I too can enjoy a better life.

Pathetic.. but not as pathetic as a country whose main-stream media jumps on board with an article to help him spread his disease..


Zaid Shakia

Submitted by A R Thompson, Jan 25, 2011 03:05

The very fact that he condemns the Forces that protect you, and questions (9/11) give rise to questions unanswered.?.

What ever his Muslim beliefs are, he not wanted in the UK or the USA.

So go back to your Arab Country's,Iran would be a good place to start.


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