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Homegrown Traitors call it what you may.

Submitted by A R Thompson, Dec 2, 2010 12:12

There is only one answer for people that willfully take other peoples live,without the burden of you the taxpayer footing there expensive upkeep to they slaughter you next time.

The word traitor is treason against whatever Town or City or Village you live in, if you respect human life it will respect you,but if you destroy human life or attempt to destroy human life,you in turn have lost the right to the society of which you belong as you have crossed that line of normal behavior, and entered into evilness with hate with murderous intentions.

For you and any of your Fellow members who distort there Islamic Religion to murdering of others, its not Prison you need for treatment, but a much kinder solution to your deranged mind.

For history tell us a story of Guy fawkes a fitting example for such devious and perverted people that are prepared to slaughter you.


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