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Why dont Muslims Get Charged with Hate Crimes.

Submitted by Ron, Dec 6, 2010 13:10

How come if someone attacks muslims thats a hate crime. But if muslims go out and target Americans and try to kill them because they hate americans why dont they get charged with hate crimes. Why isnt there hate crimes against Americans. really people whats worse a 13 year old spry paints a nazi sign on a stop sign or a muslim tries to kill thousands of Americans because he hates Americans. . Its still a crime based on hate so why dont muslim terrorist get charged with hate crimes. why do hate crimes only protect certain groups and not others.


don't be bitter, reconsider

Submitted by yomayngsup, Nov 24, 2010 01:40

perhaps organizations like CAIR and the Islam Brotherhood should get on the "Stand Behind the Jews to Defend Against Anti-ASemitism" rally so that they will look better in the eyes of people who have their number, so to speak. Islam always uses the blame game specifically about those thngs they are perpetuating themselves. and the left is behind them all the way. now i know where obama got his middle name


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