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small fry

Submitted by Y Brandstetter MD, Sep 2, 2010 05:05

Dear Mr Emerson. All of the above are small fry compared with the big-leagues of american sponsorship of terror. Take the Dayton force beimng trained in Jordan to take over the heartland of Israel. The personnel of this force are exactly the same shabbab which is the back-bone of Hamas, raised in the same UNWRA hamas-PLO directed schools which call for the annihilation of the Jews of Judea and their replacement by Muslim so-called Palestinians. The Dayton force costs american tax-payers a few hundred millions annually , and all it is, is a terrorist arm of the PLO. And the elephant in the room is UNWRA, whcih costs billions annually, maintaining millions of refugees in abject conditions on a steady diet of replacement of the Jews in Israel with themselves. So the good-will appologetics who simply explain the facts to the Muslims, that the USA is their best friend, their best sponsor, and the only entity which keeps the whole Palestinian hoax from collapse, is indeed small fry. Go after the Big Fish, the funding for UNWRA, the funding for the PA (The PLO masquerading as a political entity) and the funding for the Dayton Terror Brigades, which one day will go after Americans, in the and around the ME.


Aiding and Abetting?

Submitted by Civilus Defendus, Aug 29, 2010 13:09

In this ideological war between islam/sharia and Western values, customs and law, supporting the spread of the opposing ideology is aiding and abetting the enemy and thus during a time of war is defined as treason. Now, if those signing the authorizations or directing same do not understand the consequences of their actions, then what? Does it still aid and abet? Yes. Does it still harm us in the short and long term? Yes. Must it cease? Yes. How? Educate those in power or replace them. I have my preference.

You are either with us or against us. There is no middle. Either you support your nation or you you have made a choice to weaken or destroy it. And for elected representatives and those they appoint, either support your oath of office, or you you have made a choice to weaken or destroy the nation and its Constitution.


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