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Church Status

Submitted by Steve, Aug 26, 2010 20:53

This is the first I have heard that any of the entities under the Imam's control had incorporated as a Church. That is more than a question of curiosity. The reporting requirements for religious institutions are meager indeed! This needs to be investigated and cut short now. It is bad enough there will be delays in learning the sources of funds. It is a travesty if they will never be known!


war is deception

Submitted by stranger, Aug 26, 2010 17:52

what about Mahathir's remarks on US and americans?....

(The Star, 18 October 2004), he was quoted as having said "The American people are, by and large, very ignorant and know nothing about the rest of the world.... Yet they are the people who will decide who will be the most powerful man in the world"

these people have no respect for others beliefs or humanity...all they want is to take over the world however they can, and if they were powerful enough..they would not hesitate for a second to use brute force....they demand freedom of opinion, expreesionand religion etc , but do they give any?

since they do not have the option...they will use democracy (which they despise) as a tool to bring down democracy and establish the worst form of authoritative government imaginable....... the prophet said " war is deception"

btw am not misinformed about Islam...or the goals of these Islamist's...I was born and raised a muslim in a 100% (not by choice) muslim country



Submitted by Church Approval, Aug 26, 2010 16:04

"It takes an average of two months for the IRS to rule on a group's nonprofit filing"

Here's how it works:

When the new organization files the Form 1023 (Application for Recognition) the IRS will assign the application to one of three tracks. Realistically there are two - either it gets immediate approval (TRACK A). In those cases it takes about 2 months.

Theoretically there is a TRACK B which is a small amount of additional information, but that doesn't really happen.

In TRACK C it is sent for further work-up. In those cases the folks in Cincinnati will prepare a a series of Questionnaires (Called "Letter 1312") which will also be public information including any responses.

In a high-profile, highly complicated application ($100,000,000.00! Offices in Malaysia! Are you kidding me?!) this application may take as long as a year or more to be approved (unless the Soetoro administration decides to request it be expedited, which they'll do at their own risk because that's public information).

While approval will be retroactive, during the pendency of the application they will have trouble getting foundation support.

As for the Church Status - that was a big no-no. If you look at the approval letter as a Church it will say something to the effect of "If your purposes and/or activities change, you must notify the IRS so we can see how that impacts your status". If Soetoro was not in charge and running interference, the Regional District Director should be notified and do something about it.


Dutch taxpayers money

Submitted by Dutch Taxpayer, Aug 26, 2010 15:05

For the Record : Geert Wilders from the PVVj , asked parliamentary questions in response to notices on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that the Netherlands help to build a mosque near Ground Zero in New York and participates in the financing of $ 1,000,000 by Dutch taxpayers' money.

The website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs states that a Netherlands grant $ 1,000,000 grant to the organization American Society for Muslim Advancement.

This organization work together with the Islamic organization Cordoba Initiative.

Daisy Khan is behind this action.


IRS Action?

Submitted by Geheran, Aug 26, 2010 14:37

Talk about musical chairs...if this sort of behavior were the result of an individual taxpayer's actions, the IRS would be all over it. Given this administration's track record, I am not holding my breath.


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Aug 26, 2010 20:53

war is deception [166 words]


Aug 26, 2010 17:52

Approval [254 words]

Church Approval 

Aug 26, 2010 16:04

Dutch taxpayers money [92 words]

Dutch Taxpayer 

Aug 26, 2010 15:05

IRS Action? [34 words]


Aug 26, 2010 14:37

Question [8 words]


Aug 26, 2010 14:26

They'll raise money from USwide extrmemist muslims for this cause [44 words]


Aug 26, 2010 14:13

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