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Important Distinction

Submitted by More-Informed-Than-You, Apr 18, 2010 21:55

First I'd like to say that I am a strong believer in America and what we're trying to accomplish in Iraq. I also do not wish for any more bloodshed than is necessary, as I'm sure most would agree, especially not the blood of fellow Americans in uniform.

As it appears to me, Ramadan has remained consistent with his views on both the actions against American soldiers in Iraq and common terrorism.

It is important to understand that these are NOT the same thing.

In the case of Iraq, violent / militaristic action against soldiers, and only soldiers, is NOT terrorism. We need to remember that WE invaded THEM. Regardless of what any official government says now, it is perfectly legitimate, if you are one who disapproves of the invasion and the current government, to target and execute attacks against a military target. We might not like it, but this is war. Imagine if an Islamic Extremist government invaded the US, defeated our military, and propped up it's own Islamic Extremist government here in America. Would you be content to let this happen, even though you were a loyal and patriotic citizen of the old United States? Wouldn't you believe it your duty to yourself, and your fellow citizens to force the invaders out? Now the way to go about this objective ethically and morally would be to what? Target military objectives of your enemy. This includes military convoys, soldiers, bases, etc. These are perfectly legitimate war-time targets. Even suicide-bombings of such targets are legitimate. We may feel they are morally wrong, but the outcome is the same: some of you die, some of the enemy die.

Only when you cross over to attacks on civillians and civillian targets, such as schools, markets, and stores, do you become a terrorist. These kinds of attacks are unacceptable, and morally wrong. However, any attack on a legitimate military target is just that, legitimate, whether we like it or not.




So, what else is new?

Apr 16, 2010 13:54

Thinking, informed people know what the aim of the islamic Brotherhood is. It is an organization designed to promote Islamic ideals through any means possible. Damn the consequences. Murder, Kidnappings, mayhem, are all part of their agenda. We should wise up.


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