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define "lawfare"

Submitted by Terry Washington, May 23, 2013 14:13

Since repeated requests from myself to the Wall Street Journal as to what constitutes a "frivolous or politically motivated lawsuit against US soldiers or policymakers"( as in the WSJ's repeated denunciations of "lawfare" in particular and the International Criminal Court in general), it is worth noting that the only "politically motivated" attempts to prosecute US leaders to date have been the attempted impeachments of Presidents Andrew Johnson in 1868 and Bill Clinton in 1998 and NEITHER had anything to do with the matter of war crimes or crimes against humanity!


Maybe it is time we take a page from our adversaries...

Submitted by Moshe, Dec 6, 2010 10:23

There are many human rights violations across the globe.

Why won't some in the legal profession establish groups (call them any way you want) and swamp the international courts with lawsuits, actions, whatever regarding such violations?

It will serve two purposes:

Make more countries the target of the International Criminal Court, and thus alleviate the pressure from Israel and the USA.

And, if enough lawsuits are brought about, swamp the International Courts to the extent that they will find it harder to function.

Any takers?


Jihad is Jihad

Submitted by PatriotUSA, Mar 16, 2010 04:15

Thank you for another excellent essay. It is long past time for us to fight back but better late than never. It is high time we in the United States and other western countries started targeting the groups that support terrorist groups and terrorism. There are many Islamic groups that are extremely subversive and promote violence behind the scene as to not attract the attention of the gov't, which might be fatal. In this time of having an Islamist as POTUS, dear leader, the mullah obamaham it is of paramount importance that whatever and wherever we can combat legal jihad, stealth jihad, soft and hard jihad, we must step up to the plate today. For tomorrow it may well be too late. The Obama administration's support of so many Islam ic organization in our country is troubling and leave much to be desired in this commenter's opinion.


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