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If only "respectability" was a shield

Submitted by Jeff, Mar 3, 2010 13:03

If someone is respected, does that mean they shouldn't be criticized? There were no personal attacks here - just a sharp-worded disagreement over his faulty interpretation of the facts. Zakaria seems to be the one twisting facts and arguments to make it sound like the ideological war is over.

But let me ask you this Joseph: Do you think the ideological war against Al Qaida is over?


Cheap Shot

Submitted by Jeff, Feb 19, 2010 08:49

Actually Joseph, it sounds more like twisting his argument and taking a cheap shot against a well-respected American Muslim journalist. Mr. Emerson needs to learn that he cannot (or rather he should not) attack everyone who disagrees with his alarmist analysis.


Seems fair to me

Submitted by Joseph, Feb 18, 2010 16:52


It would seem to me the article merely takes on the ridiculous proposition that the war against al Qaeda's ideology has been won - which is Zakaria's article. The quote you cite has Zakaria arguing that the effort against "religiousity" (which maybe shouldn't be waged) and backwardness isn't over - and thats true. But to say that Al Qaeda's ideology has lost, which Zakaria plainly does at a few points in the article, is - as IPT News writes - absurd. Have there been advances? Sure, but there is a loooooong way to go.


Be fair

Submitted by Jeff, Feb 18, 2010 13:07

I do not think you have fairly described Zakaria's argument. He didn't say there isn't a problem with some forms of Islam. He said, "This shift does not reflect a turn away from religiosity or even from a backward conception of Islam. That ideological struggle persists and will take decades, not years, to resolve itself. But the battle against jihadism has fared much better, much sooner, than anyone could have imagined." What he is trying to do is to mention the positive developments against Al-Qaeda. I think of all the Muslims in America, Zakaria would have been the last on your hit list.


Thank you for writing that

Feb 17, 2010 21:26

Thank God someone else read that article and scoffed at Zacharia's non-sense

Don't forget he told us last year to learn to live with radical Islam (in Arabic on the cover of Newsweek)

So this is par for the course...and you really were easy on the guy...


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