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MPAC: subversion of freedom of speech at our colleges and universities

Submitted by PatriotUSA, Feb 12, 2010 02:39

This is an excellent series, all three parts. The MSU and MPAC have long been active at colleges and universities across the country doing all they can to drown out any speaker or intimidate any event into cancellation. This is especially true of anyone who is a pro Israel, Jewish or just a speaker on the track records of Islamic states on human rights, which as most of us known is horrible and riddled with abuses and death.

Just recently Micael Oren gave a talk at UC Irvine in California and was treated very rudely by Muslim students and others from the MSU and MPAC. Intinimidation, threats and violence are all used to break up, disrupt or cause enough mayhem that the speaker and function are often times rendered null and void. Thanks again for such an awesome sight and for telling the truth about Islam and most Islamic organizations


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