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Why does IPT give the MSA a free pass?

Jan 26, 2010 15:23

Why Steve? The MSA is an admitted Muslim Brotherhood group - why not at least mention that in this piece rather than repeating the same arguments against CAIR that the FBI and others are not listening to?


Hold Them to Account

Submitted by Civilus Defendus, Jan 24, 2010 17:58

I, Citizen, declare you POTUS, COTUS and Joint Chiefs to be derelict in your duty to protect and defend the United States Constitution and the nation's Citizens from all enemies foreign and domestic. A 7th grader could put the pieces of this puzzle together, and this Administration and the dolts in positions of power succumb to lies and half-truths peddled by comrades of the enemy? The koran, sunnah and Muslim Brotherhood can be vetted - read the first two, listen to the latter.

Elites are defined by their LACK of measureable standards to guage their success - or failure. These people spout politically correct blather, suggest we are morally equivalent and invite the enemy into our belly. The disrepect of our heritage and abandonment of our offspring make me tremble.

It is these "leaders" that must stand before the court of citizens and respond to our questions. Why have you forsaken your own nation and her citizens?


Part II

Submitted by SOS, Jan 21, 2010 20:26

Sorry meant to finish with I'd like to quote a great movie charactor with what I think it is "STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES!!!

I always thought you had to be pretty sharp to be an FBI agent..........apparently not!!!


No way!!

Submitted by SOS, Jan 21, 2010 20:23

So let me see if I have this straight............the FBI cut off liaisons with cair 18 months ago because of feared links to hamas. Now the agent in charge of the field office in Detroit is going to speak at an msa (ANOTHER FRONT FOR THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD) sponsored event with an official from cair. How do people this stupid make it to any advanced age without accidentally slamming their heads in a car door or doing something else so stupid as to cause their untimely demise!?!

You can call it political correctness or multiculturalism. Me? I'll


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