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simply said,: learn from Israel

Submitted by yuval Brandstetter MD, Jan 8, 2010 04:30

In a word what you are proposing is that the US adopts Israeli policies in the interests of self-defense.

Laudable but impractical. as long as the US fails to consider itself under attack for the simple reason of being a non-Islamic non-Sharia sovereignty, smart screening will not be instituted for fear of PC BS and the "impartial" judicial -academic-Media system.

Having predicted just about every disaster you should by now realize: America and the West would rather die than deny Islamists a fair chance to kill them.



Submitted by reddes, Jan 7, 2010 19:42

What is to stop these bombers from just blowing themselves up before they get to a full body scanner? That would partially accomplish their goal. Likely have to go through these things before you even get to the main building. Only after a successful attack or 2, I would think, will they do that though. Thanks Janet! Breathing easier already!


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