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His past

Submitted by Citizen against terrorizam,, Feb 10, 2013 16:49

I told before 4 years how I cannot find any codes. I stand for it even now. I want tell about his crime past few things which FBI should have in find for future.

1. If you google ' war crimes Banja Luka' you get insight what Muslim teen could do in that time. He would died for 1% of all they told he did.

2. Where are people who wrote rapport. Are they free or sit jailed for something.

3. FBi write on the site how he commited crimes in Serbia. It is the same you tell Mexico instead California. It is huge mistake.

4. Boys appear as criminals. It is family against one person.

The rest is up to law and justice.


Language matters

Submitted by Citizen against terrorizam, Aug 15, 2009 19:46

I am educated teacher of Serbo-Croatian. I have tried to think how one says what Subasic was speaking. His 'individual' car would be in better English particulat car, some car, special car. Land rovere is of huge interessts to most male from former Yugoslavia. Thus, I do belive Boyd is on drugs for he sounds odd. Subasic gave notive how car likes to be drove fast.It comes out of belive how car engine should be 'pushed' if it is strong. Here I cannot find any codes.


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