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Keep Up The Fight

Submitted by ICH, Feb 26, 2016 06:18

I just saw a video of you posted by Robert Spencer.

I appreciate the work you are doing .

Looking forward to learning more about your progress.

Thank you :)



Submitted by Mohammad S.Haq M,.D, Feb 20, 2010 21:52

islam is a religion which is frozen in time.At time of glory islam gave the guiding principle for the people of that time.Our tragedy is that todays some scholars want to push back in time and the more modern one are afraid of taking a bold and stronger position.

Real problem is lack of IJTEHAD.(The process of how to follow the principals of islam todays or current time)

There is no world or local north american organisiation which could initiate the the discussion and then conclusion to different issue facing the muslims of currrent timing...Actually it is discouraged to discuss in groups as being changing the religion.

The process of change is slow and one extreme will not help to make a change, rather it will create polarization with hostility and we shall be caught in dealing with hostility and taking side rather than discussing the solution to our todays problem in the light of islam.

May be we should start the some website to start the ijtehad .... may be the concern of common simple muslim will help to establish the ijtehad at wider level and we shall be able to reach some conclusion about some if not all issues.

Mohammad S.Haq M.D


No fundamentalist Moslems

Submitted by Jan Hus, Jun 24, 2009 17:04

There are no fundamentalist Moslems. Or moderates. Or liberals. If you are a Moslem, you believe every word of the Koran is the actual word of Allah, eternal and unalterable. As if Allah whispered it directly in your ear. It the Koran says you must slay the idolators wherever you find them, you have no choice. Slay away. If the Koran orders the chopping off of a hand and foot on either side, get to chopping.

Mohammad is the perfect man. You and your children must try to emulate his every act. The Koran offers almost no guidance on how to live your Moslem life. For guidance, you must follow the Sunnah, Haddith, and Sira. These are the records of Mohammad's thoughts, actions, and life. If Mohammad had sex with a nine year old, this is an eternal standard. You insult Allah, and Mohammad, if you say this was only a seventh century custom, and not applicable eternally. If Mohammad took gleeful part in an all day beheading of 900 Jews, you must try to emulate him. One Daniel Pearl is an insignificant step, 899 to go.

Whenever the Koran or Mohammad is mentioned, these are the eternal, unalterable words and actions of Allah, and his perfect man. You must obey and emulate them. Or no virgins for you, apostate.


Traeh is right

Submitted by don, Jun 19, 2009 16:32

What Traeh has said is sad but true. There really is no such thing as a moderate mosque anymore and organizations like MPAC are well tied to ISNA's old school thugs who threaten and bully moderate Muslims. Hathout and Al-Maryati are has been hardliners and the idea of the Southern California mosque as a moderate one is a sham. Mosques called progressive like one in Ohio hide their dirty landary better - that is all. The hate talk is moved out of the main khutbah but into private halaquas where outsiders do not penetrate. When Muslims are able to rise above the hate teaching and find the beauty in their own scripture, it will be a better world.



Submitted by Traeh, Jun 14, 2009 21:30

It's revealing that when you find a truly moderate Muslim, she cannot find a single mosque to go to! But what does one expect from a religion whose founder and exemplar said, according to canonical Islamic texts, "If a Muslim changes his religion, then kill him." Islam is a particularly totalitarian religion, though many Muslims want nothing to do with totalitarianism. Unfortunately, many other Muslims do want it...Many say it is too late, considering demographic trends, for Europe to escape Islamization within the next generation or two.


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