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You Are Correct!

Submitted by prof. joe, Mar 24, 2009 15:06

I have seen many examples of your concerns in, "letters to the editor" in Ct. newspapers during the Gaza war. The authors of these letters use Taquiyya( exaggeration, half truths, lies, etc.) to defame Israel(racist), laud Hamas (resistance fighters) fault America for suppporting the only democracy i the Middle East. etc. Keep up your most important work!


Extremists use "civil rights" group front to push agenda

Submitted by Larry S. Oxenham, Mar 24, 2009 15:00

Groups like CAIR have only one agenda....to fight until Islam is the only religion. If they need to lie in order to obtain a better result, so be it, that is acceptable in Islamic circles. If it means using our legal system against us, all the better. I am a Canadian and I have watched so called Islamic Moderates bring forth frivolous law suites against Ezra Levant and Mark Steyn all because their "feelings got hurt". Groups such as CAIR falsely represent themselves as organizations developed to "Bridge" the gap between Islam to the rest of the population. Who are they trying to kid.


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