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Ray (not so) Briht

Submitted by joe paff, Jun 22, 2009 18:06

For "sake of accuracy" shouldn't we refer to Briht as Raymond? Isn't he deliberately hiding his "true" name?

Why the "euphemistic" Ray? Why the pose of informality? And yes my "true" name is "Joseph". I have to hide it so my brothers don't get jealous of my coat of many colors and I find myself in a hole in the Biblical desert.



Submitted by Ray Briht, Mar 20, 2009 22:29

I think that for the sake of accuracy we should refer to Al-Arian by his true first name, Osama, rather than the qute, and euphemistic "Sami"

This is part of the game of this "master of deception" to deliberately hide his true name when communicating with the non-Islamic audience.


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