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Bravo to Hampshire College

Submitted by The Exorcist, Mar 3, 2009 18:42

Dershowitz is at it again. Wars against Arabs/Muslims, torture for the victims of illegal sweeps of 'terror suspects', dispossession of Palestinians, denying human rights and equal protection of law for Goyim in Israel and a clear agenda for final expulsion of all Goyim from the Greater Israel, all from the pulpit provided by this country that swears its allegiance to the core values of equality of all men, equal protection of law for all and separation of Church and State. Dershowitz, if you cannot subscribe to these core American Values, why not emigrate to Israel where you belong?
Let all Institutions of Higher Learnming join Hampshire College in this courageous action of divestment.


What it means

Submitted by Editor, Mar 3, 2009 16:30


What it means is the editor missed the mistake. Thanks for pointing it out. It has been corrected.


please explain

Submitted by Claudia, Mar 3, 2009 15:06

" As New York Times columnist Tom Friedman put it: 'Criticizing Israel is not anti-Semitic, and saying so is vial. ..."

What does the last word mean in this context?


More of the Same

Submitted by Jack Herz, Feb 17, 2009 09:54

I am appalled but not surprised by this action. This, unfortunately, is typical of the wave of antisemitism across many campuses. I believe, but cannot prove, that much of the funding for this activity comes frojm the Middle East in a sub-rosa fashion.

In any case, all of us need to redouble our efforts to get accurate messages about Hamas, et al to young people around the world. This is a battle for the hearts and minds of an educated generation.



Submitted by KOSOVAR, Feb 16, 2009 14:49

Hampshire college may continue to deal as is mentioned in this article with companies that supply Iran, Saudi Arabia, China, Cuba, North Korea, Zimbabwe, Libya, Syria, Sudan, Belarus and other brutal dictatorships around the world, but they should not forget the fact that people like dictators from above countries one day it may return to them like boomerang. Playing such games they should not forget that it is sword with two blades.


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