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is this true

Oct 19, 2011 11:41

were you harrassing them?


CAIR-Hamas: Identical DNA, Identical Mission of Sabotage and Destruction of the United States and Israel

Submitted by Josephine Lydia Chilvers, May 9, 2009 14:20

'The tangled web we weave' with respect to non profit organizations such as CAIR, ZAKAT, et al, has created a loophole advantage (Swiss account) for the purpose of fundraising and funneling monies to Hamas. The Islamic adage, "War is deception" realizes fruition in the 'civil liberties' and 'charitable' terrorist fronts operating beneath the radar of DHS, FBI and the IRS. There remains little scrutiny of the multitude of storefront, and bankrupt American churches/schools whose sole mission is not 'Come to Jesus,' but rather, 'Alms for Allah.' DHS is looking for the terrorists in all of the wrong places.


cair the non profit?

Submitted by jim, Jan 16, 2009 00:13

cair claims that it is a muslim human rights group yet if any one emails and questions them you get a email claiming that
"Please stop sending us any further e-mails. We consider them harassing and they have no legitimate business purpose. If they continue, we will contact law enforcement and make a complaint for harassment on your part".
i recived this theat from doug hooper
i have to wounder if its not time for the irs to really look into weather this unindited co consperitor in the HLF trial realy is a non proffit ngo and time to ask caileaders like mr doug hooper aka Ibrahim Hooper and cair just why they are ignoring the attacks on israel by hammas
Ibrahim Hooper


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