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How many Muslims have died at the hands of Islam?

Submitted by Justice for All, Sep 15, 2011 15:30

We have the number 270 million victims over the centuries including Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus and Africans. I have not been able to ascertain how many Muslims have died as the victims of Islam. Can anyone offer an educated opinion?


Why is it the job of the west

Submitted by Redrajesh, May 30, 2011 05:27

Why is it the job of the west to set right things everywhere in the islamic world even for their own internal problems? Dosen't the west have anything better to do and focus on its own development rather than go around fixing problems everywhere in the world, especially problems which are not an existential threat to the west?


The truth needs wings

Submitted by Andrew Whitehead, Jun 25, 2010 20:38

Mansur speaks volumes and the press refuses to listen. Why is it that the mainstream press will run to groups like CAIR, MSA, etc., and yet refuses to listen to someone who not only knows the truth, but has lived through it?

The truth needs wings and the press is ready with the clippers. How sad.


Another voice for freedom against totalitarianism

Submitted by Emeritus Prof. John Furedy, Jun 17, 2010 23:04

I know Salim quite well, as he was one of the early members of SAFS (, which aroused the ire of the Canadian loony left (or, in Lenin's terms, "useful idiots"). This is the first time I have read his background, and perhaps the similarity between his escape from the totalitarian regime and mine thanks to my parents in 1949 from Uncle Joe's workers' paradise account for our rejection of the current left that does not sufficiently value the importance of individual freedom that the enlightenment has given to at least some countries in the world



Submitted by aspacia, Jun 16, 2010 11:24

Now, join forces with Jasser.


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