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Who cares.??

Nov 20, 2013 21:38

Espasito - I was a believer in the old I.R.A. principals of a "Freedom Fighter" in the 20's-30's & beyond, but not now they are mostly filled with Drug Barons and Protection Gangsters, o.k. that was maybe the case in the lot of them in those days but the I.R.A. were a Political Organization at first, but they took to threatening the very People they claimed to be fighting for, which of course was counter-productive.



Submitted by Catmann, Jan 20, 2012 15:52

There will never be peace with Muslims. It simply is not in their character, religion, and personal beliefs. Esposito is in the pay of his Saudi masters and will always publish erudite tomes in support of these monsters.


Media, Money are controlled by zionists (not jews)

Submitted by Zionist, Apr 8, 2010 22:00

Former Prime Minister Menachim Begin is a freedom figheter by mascaring thousends of innocent civilians. to add insult to the injury, he won "Noble Prize" for peace!

Professor Espisoto is expressing his veiws. He did not kill any infants and prganant women!

what kind of a wrold we are living in.


America Arrogance

Submitted by harnoko0612, Dec 9, 2009 20:05

Awesome ! persons or institutions who criticize on American foreign policy is always called a terrorist or defending terrorist. This is an arrogance of American.



Submitted by Sri Lanki, Nov 17, 2009 12:37

One man's Terrorist is another man's freedom fighter. Israeli occupation of Palestine

is nothing but NAKED truth. You resist them then you are a terrorist. USA and UK

invasion of Iraq on multiple falsehood is nothing but true. You resist the invasion then

you are terrorist. When will this multiple standard come to an end, so that we can

create a peaceful and harmonious world where entire humanit can live in PEACE.


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