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GOD didnt write the Koran....

Submitted by ENSHALLAH, Sep 29, 2009 15:49

These idiots are so stupid they cant realize that the Koran was written by a man. Not only that its only Allah can kill. Using God as a excuse to kill is what the devil does. How can they listen to criminals about converting to Muslims. They are not in jail because they are good people they are there because they sercame to evil thoughts. They are there because they are con artists. They should open real books where they might learn somthing important than about a molester, jealous man, that though he was closer to Allah because he herd voices in his head. Only crazy people hear voices speaking to them.


Limitations on prison sentences

Submitted by Always On Watch, May 25, 2009 08:42

Most in our system of prisons do not serve full terms. As mentioned in the essay here:

Another problem that needs to be fixed is that in jail, Islamist converts generally avoid violence for fear of upsetting the prison authorities. Therefore there is little if any incentive for the warden or prison officials to keep tabs on the activities of the Islamist prisoners - or for that matter Aryan nation prisoners - or what they are being taught or what is in their libraries.

Criminals and their attorneys are smart enough to work the system and gain early release for time served and good behavior.

I wonder how many incarcerated Muslims various Muslims "civil rights groups" represent right now? Such a list might be another tool to protect our nation.


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