USA v. Alameti, Fabjan
Bozeman, MT

Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS)

[DMT] Fabjan Alameti of Bronx, NY, was arrested at a shooting range in Bozeman, Montana, and charged with possession of a firearm by unlawful user of a controlled substance and with making false statements involving international terrorism. In encrypted text message conversations with a government informant, Alameti confided he had been considering conducting an attack on a U.S. government building, gay club, Jewish temple, or U.S. Army recruiting center, but believed that it would be difficult to carry out such an attack because guns are hard to obtain in New York. Alameti later stated that he would not conduct an attack in the United States because the United States had allowed him to live in the country and granted him citizenship and instead stated he developed a new plan to join ISIS abroad. He pleaded guilty to two counts of false statements to a federal officer in a matter involving international terrorism.