USA v. Dannon, Moyad, et ano.
Fishers, IN

Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS)

[SDIN] Brothers Moyad Dannon and Mahde Dannon of Fishers, Indiana, were charged in an indictment with manufacturing fully automatic rifles knowing they would be sent to ISIS overseas. In late 2018, the Dannon brothers approached the cooperating source and FBI undercover agent about manufacturing untraceable, fully-automatic, .223 caliber rifles, using much the same process they used to manufacture the semi-automatic rifles. In February of 2019, the Dannon brothers built one fully-automatic rifle which they provided to the FBI undercover agent. Shortly thereafter, Moyad Dannon accompanied the undercover agent to a location near the U.S. southwest border in an effort to market that rifle, and additional fully-automatic rifles, to a potential buyer. During that trip, Moyad Dannon learned that the potential buyer sought to ship the fully-automatic weapons to a location in the Middle East, where they would be used by ISIS. Despite learning of the ultimate destination of the weapons, the Dannon brothers agreed to manufacture at least 55 additional fully automatic "ghost guns" which they believed would be shipped to the Middle East to ISIS and its members.