USA v. Domingo, Mark Steven
Reseda, CA


Mark Steven Domingo of Reseda, California, was arrested in connection with a terror plot in which he planned to detonate an improvised explosive device (IED) for the purpose of causing mass casualties. In online posts and in conversations with an FBI source, Domingo, a former U.S. Army infantryman, expressed support for violent jihad, a desire to seek retribution for attacks against Muslims, and a willingness to become a martyr. Domingo posted an online video professing his Muslim faith on March 2, and the next day made another posting in which he said "America needs another vegas event" (referring to the October 2017 mass shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada) that would give "them a taste of the terror they gladly spread all over the world." Following an attack on a mosque in New Zealand on March 13, Domingo posted, "there mustbe retribution," according to the complaint. In August 2021, a federal jury convicted Domingo for attempting to bomb a rally in Long Beach for the purpose of causing mass casualties, and he was found guilty of providing material support to terrorism and attempting to use of a weapon of mass destruction. Domingo was sentenced in November 2021 to 25 years in federal prison.