USA v. Valadbaigi, Saeed

Agent of Iran

[NDIL] Iranian businessman Saeed Valadbaigi, also known asn "Saeed Valad" and "Saeed Baigi," schemed with the owner of a European company to illegally export nuclear nonproliferation-controlled materials to Iran from Illinois. Valadbaigi plotted in 2011 to illegally export US-origin 7075 T6 Aluminum tubing from Illinois to Iran by way of Belgium and Malaysia. The size and type of the aluminum was used in the missile and aerospace industry and was subject to U.S. regulations for nuclear nonproliferation purposes. The smuggling plan was part of an effort to evade U.S. laws and export-control regulations. Valadbaigi is considered a fugitive. A warrant for his arrest was issued in 2016 and remains outstanding.