USA v. Tajideen, Kassim


[DDC] Kassim Tajideen of Beirut, Lebanon, was arrested and charged with evading U.S. sanctions imposed on him because of his financial support of Hizballah. He pleaded guilty to money laundering conspiracy in furtherance of violations of U.S. sanctions. According to the statement of facts signed by Tajideen in conjunction with his plea, Tajideen conspired with at least five other people to conduct over $50 million in transactions with U.S. businesses that violated the sanctions. On Aug. 8, 2019, Tajideen was sentenced to five years in prison and ordered to forfeit $50 million for involvement in money laundering scheme involving the evasion of U.S. sanctions. On May 28, 2020, Federal District Court Judge Reggie granted Tajideen's emergency request for compassionate release, which said his age and "serious health conditions" leave him particularly vulnerable as the coronavirus spread through the U.S. prison system.

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