USA v. Rahimi, Ahmad Khan
New York, NY


[SDNY] Ahmad Khan Rahimi [aka Ahmad Rahami] was charged for conducting and attempting to conduct bombings in New York City and various locations in New Jersey. Rahimi was convicted for executing the Sept. 2016 bombing in New York City. Prosecutors state that while in prison, Rahimi attempted to "radicalize his fellow inmates and made light of his attacks." In a Dec. 12 letter to a friend, Rahimi wrote, "My judge is a kaffir, my lawyer is a kaffir, my prose[c]utor is a kaffir, and my jury are all kaffirs." "Kaffir" is an Arabic term used to refer to a non-Muslim. Rahimi was sentenced to life in prison for his execution and attempted execution of bombings in New York City on Sept. 17, 2016.