USA v. Ghahreman, Arash, et al.
Staten Island, NY

Agent of Iran

[SDCA] A federal jury convicted Arash Ghahreman of Staten Island, NY, of violations of U.S. export and money laundering laws, arising from his involvement in a scheme to purchase marine navigation equipment and military electronic equipment for illegal export and end-use in Iran. The evidence presented at trial showed that Ghahreman, a naturalized U.S. citizen and former Iranian national, acted an agent of an illegal Iranian procurement network which used a front company in Dubai to acquire U.S. goods and technologies for illegal transshipment to and end-use in Iran. Ghahreman's co-defendants were officials with the front company in Dubai called TIG Marine Engineering Services, also a defendant in the case. Koorush Taherkhani, an Iranian national and resident, was the managing director and founder of that front company. Ergun Yildiz, a German national and resident of UAE, was hired by Taherkhani to be the "face" of the front company.

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