USA v. Akl, Hor, et ano.
Toledo, OH


[NDOH] Hor Akl and his wife Amera Akl were charged with knowingly conspiring to aid the terrorist group Hizballah. The charges include planning to conceal up to $500,000 to give to Hizballah on behalf of anonymous donors in the United States. The complaint said Hor Akl traveled to Lebanon in March 2010 to arrange the delivery of money. Akl then returned to the United States claiming that he had met with Hizbollah officials. Both Hor and his wife are released on bond. The Akls pleaded guilty to providing material support to Hizballah. Hor Akl was sentenced to six years and Amera Akl to 40 months for providing material support to Hizballah.

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