USA v. Tarraf, Dani Nemr, et al.
Philadelphia, PA


[EDPA] A dual citizen of the United States and Slovakia was charged along with three other defendants in a 2011 indictment with conspiring to provide material support to Hizballah. According to the criminal complaint, Dani Nemr Tarraf worked to obtain items for the benefit of Hizballah, including Stinger missiles, Coly M-4 fully automatic carbines, Glock pistols, sniper-detection technology, night vision and thermal imaging equipment, lensatic compasses and two-way radios. Tarraf was originally charged with other defendants in November 2009 and confessed to the charged offenses. He admitted that he was working with others to acquire massive quantities of weapons for Hizballah. He also admitted he was a member of Hizballah and that he had received military training from the organization.

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