USA v. Goba, Yahya, et al.
Lackawanna, NY

Al Qaeda

[WDNY] [WDNY] Six Yemeni-American men (also known as the "Lackawanna Six") were indicted on charges of providing material support to a designated terrorist organization. In April 2001, the men decided to travel to an Al Qaeda guesthouse in Kandahar, Afghanistan, then went to an Al Qaeda training camp where they received weapons training. While they were at the camp, bin Laden visited and gave a speech to all the trainees. One of the men, Sahim Alwan, personally met with bin Laden. All the men pleaded guilty to charges of material support and were sentenced to prison terms of seven to ten years. A seventh member of the cell, Jaber Elbaneh, was arrested in Yemen in late 2003. Kamal Derwish, the cell's alleged ringleader, was killed in a CIA missile strike near Magrib, Yemen, in November 2002.