USA v. Ahmad, Nadem, et al.


[EDNY] A nine-count indictment charged Nazem Ahmad and eight co-defendants with conspiring to defraud the United States and foreign governments, evade U.S. sanctions and customs laws and conduct money laundering transactions by securing goods and services for the benefit of Ahmad, a Lebanese resident and dual Belgian-Lebanese citizen who was sanctioned by the United States for being a financier for Hizballah, a foreign terrorist organization. According to court documents, despite being sanctioned and prohibited from engaging in transactions with U.S. persons since December 2019, Ahmad and his co-conspirators relied on a complex web of business entities to obtain valuable artwork from U.S. artists and art galleries and to secure U.S.-based diamond-grading services all while hiding Ahmad's involvement in and benefit from these activities. Approximately $160 million worth of artwork and diamond-grading services were transacted through the U.S. financial system.