USA v. Imad Eddin Wadi
San Antonio, TX

Al-Nusrah Front

[WDTX] According to court documents and evidence presented at trial, Imad Eddin Wadi of San Antonio, TX, conspired to funnel funds to members and affiliates of U.S. designated foreign terrorist organizations, including al-Nusrah Front, a Syrian terrorist organization aligned with Al Qaeda. As part of the conspiracy Wadi communicated with others to secure a wealthy investor to invest funds to support Wadi's purchase of a business. A percentage of the investment funds and subsequent profits from the investments were to be used to purchase weapons for foreign militants, including members and affiliates of al-Nusrah Front. Wadi was found guilty of one count of conspiracy to murder and maim in a foreign country; one count of conspiracy to provide material support to designated foreign terrorist groups; and one count of conspiracy to provide material support or resources to terrorists.