USA v. Minni, Ahmed, et al.
Alexandria, VA


Five Virgnian men, Waqar Khan, Ahmed Minni, Ramy Zamzam, Aman Yemer, and Umar Farooq, left the U.S to pursue jihad in Afghanistan only to find themselves under arrest in Pakistan when their farewell video prompted family members to contact the FBI. Now, after the five served a decade in a Pakistani prison, U.S. prosecutors are moving forward with plans to put them on trial again for terrorism charges. At a status hearing in Feb. 2023 in U.S. District Court in Alexandria, however, a judge gave strong indications that she plans to toss out charges against one of the men on grounds that torture and solitary confinement he allegedly endured in Pakistan have rendered him mentally incompetent. The five were charged in Pakistan, where they say they were tortured during their detention — allegations denied by Pakistani authorities. All five were convicted and received 10-year terms.