Finan, et al v. Lafarge S.A., et al
Brooklyn, NY


Families of U.S. servicemen killed by ISIS have sued Lafarge, the French conglomerate that pleaded guilty earlier this year to bribing the Islamic State group and the Al-Nusra Front to keep a cement plant running through the Syrian civil war. The guilty plea and a nearly $800-million fine were part of the U.S. government's first-ever prosecution of a corporation for providing material support for terrorism. The plaintiffs are the families of three U.S. servicemen killed in attacks blamed on ISIS. "Lafarge has already pled guilty to federal crimes and admitted to paying millions of dollars to ISIS. This lawsuit is intended to hold it accountable to the military families devastated by its heinous and unlawful conduct. We expect more families to join the lawsuit and we look forward to bringing the case to trial before a jury of New Yorkers," said Lee Wolosky, Partner at Jenner & Block LLP, lawyer for the plaintiffs, in a statement.